Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture Set in Cats Niche

Create a purr-fect feline sanctuary with our stylish and space-saving Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture Set

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Introducing our Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture Set designed exclusively for feline enthusiasts. This customizable and space-saving solution offers elevated lounging platforms, scratching posts, and hiding spots, providing a purrfect and stylish playground for your beloved furry friends.

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  • Cat Wall Furniture Set Maximizes playtime for your furry kiddos with a paw-some set of wall-mounted play spaces!
  • Saves precious floor space, giving your fur babies more room to play, climb, scratch, and nap indoors
  • Complete with a feline-friendly apartment, connected by a cat bridge with three easy-to-climb steps
  • Adorned with scratching posts for their scratching pleasure
  • Includes a cozy cat hammock and a scratch-worthy mat
  • Easily adjust the position to fit any space in your bedroom, living room, study, and more
  • Crafted from durable particleboard and wrapped in plush fabric to provide maximum comfort for your furry kiddo
  • Each shelf is reinforced with a sturdy iron triangle bracket, ensuring stability and safety for your feline friend
  • Prior to installation, you can strategically place the Cat Wall Shelves on the ground to conceptualize the ultimate feline playtime setup
  • Be mindful of the spacing between each piece of cat furniture for optimal fur kid activity and enjoyment
  • Screws provided are specifically designed for solid walls like cement
  • For plaster walls or other types of walls, please use appropriate screws to ensure proper weight-bearing capacity
  • Reach out to our customer service team for assistance with any questions. We're here to help!

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