Health Monitoring Cat Litter - Unscented, Lightweight Crystals

Improve your cat's health with our unscented, lightweight crystal litter for effective monitoring

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Introducing our Health Monitoring Cat Litter - an unscented and lightweight solution that uses advanced crystals to monitor your cat's health. With its unique ability to detect potential urinary issues and promote optimal hygiene, this litter ensures a happy and healthy feline companion.

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  • Detect Potential Illness Early:
  • Ph-activated litter changes color instantly to detect irregularities in your cat’s urine, which could indicate health issues like UTIs and acidosis; pack may vary
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use:
  • Crystals litter is lightweight and easy to use; one bag equals 25 pounds of traditional clumping cat litter and is easy to pour
  • Powerful 30-Day Odor Control*:
  • Ammonia Block Technology helps control odors for up to 30 days, keeping the litter box clean and smelling fresh between changes
  • A Veterinarian Recommended Brand:
  • This innovative health monitoring litter was created with your cat’s health and happiness in mind by Fresh Step, a veterinarian recommended cat litter brand
  • Manage Your Cat’s Health Online:
  • Scan the QR code on the back of the package to get help interpreting your cat’s litter usage, access helpful highlights about pH urine from a veterinarian, and more

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