Easy-to-Use All-in-One Cat Litter Scooper - Deep Shovel Design

Easily scoop and clean your cat's litter box with our convenient all-in-one deep shovel design

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Introducing our Easy-to-Use All-in-One Cat Litter Scooper with its innovative Deep Shovel Design, making it effortless to clean your cat's litter box. Designed with convenience in mind, this scooper ensures a quick and thorough removal of waste, making it a must-have tool for cat owners.

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  • DID YOU KNOW? More efficient litterbox scooping reduces how often you have to change your litter. Our innovative litterbox scoop gives you more control with the tilt of a wrist to give you the cleanest litter possible
  • MORE EFFECTIVE SIFTING WITH THE TILT OF THE WRIST - Comfortable control and the ability to easily isolate between sifting large clumps and finer sifting, making this an effective sand or pellet litter scoop
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP HANDLE KITTY SCOOPER - Easy-to-hold cat scoop handle has textured sides, a non-slip grip, and an ergonomic design for easy holding to scoop away cat litter
  • MORE LEVERAGE AND STRENGTH - Push counter hook provides more leverage on scoop while reinforced bridge enhances strength to effectively scoop away cat litter. scooper. Kitty litter full of clumps doesn't stand a chance
  • DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN CAT LITTER POOP SCOOPER - Cat litter and debris washes away easy on this easy to clean, durable cat litter scoop

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