Catnip Fish Toys: Interactive Kicker for Indoor Kitty

Entertain and engage your indoor kitty with these irresistible catnip fish toys!

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The Catnip Fish Toy is the purrfect interactive kicker for your indoor kitty. Packed with premium catnip and designed with a realistic fish shape, it will keep your feline friend entertained for hours, satisfying their natural hunting instincts and providing endless fun.

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Additional Product Details

  • Unleash your cat's wild side with our pack of 3 fish toys!
  • Made from durable linen, these toys are perfect for biting, chewing, and scratching
  • The realistic and vibrant colors fish will stimulate your kitty's hunting instincts and keep them active and entertained
  • Organic Catnip Filled: Stuffed with 100% pure, potent and organic catnip, and soft cotton
  • Catnip, the favorite natural herb of most cats, will maximize the chance to make cats excited and make interactive playtime irresistible
  • Designed with your cat's safety in mind, our toys are neatly hand-sewn without the use of glue or zippers
  • This prevents accidental swallowing and ensures a safe and fun playtime
  • Perfect for kittens and adult cats alike, these toys offer both comfort and enrichment
  • Keep your indoor cat active and mentally stimulated with our plush animal toys
  • The combination of catnip and silvervine makes these toys irresistible, turning any moment into a fun-filled kicker play session
  • They're perfect for self-play, keeping your cat entertained even when you're not around
  • Our catnip-filled toys are more than just cute - they're a great way to provide your cat with much-needed exercise and stimulation
  • The soft, chewable linen material and enticing catnip aroma will keep your cat coming back for more
  • Whether they're kicking, biting, or just cuddling with their new favorite toy, your cat will never have a dull moment!

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