Cactus Cat Scratcher - Natural Sisal with Teaser Ball

Give your feline friend the ultimate scratching experience with this cactus-inspired cat scratcher, crafted from natural sisal and enhanced with a playful teaser ball

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4.79 out of 5 stars

232 reviews

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The Cactus Cat Scratcher is a stylish and functional addition to any cat-loving household. With its natural sisal scratching post and interactive teaser ball, it provides hours of fun and entertainment for your feline friend while also saving your furniture from claw damage.

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Additional Product Details

  • Cute, Modern and Sturdy
  • Finally, cat scratching posts and cat tower that appeals to cats and your interior decor
  • You'll love this new cat tower for indoor cats
  • Fun, whimsical and eye-catching
  • Superior Quality
  • Sturdiest cat tree for indoor cats on the market
  • Made of tough sisal material made to tone and stretch your cat's muscles
  • Perfect scratching posts for indoor cats
  • Protect Your Couch
  • Better than a cheap cardboard cat scratcher or cat condo, this post with teaser ball will engage your cat's natural curiosity to punch, claw and dig their nails into
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Simpler than cat furniture, it only takes a few twists and turns to assemble our cat post
  • In less than three minutes your cat will be punching, pawing, scratching and clawing away!
  • The Original Cactus Cat Scratching Post
  • Don't be fooled by cat scratcher cardboard knock offs or a low-grade cat post for indoor cats
  • Let your cat scratch and, claw and paw for days!

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