46.56 Oz Crystal Cat Litter - Odor Control

Experience ultimate odor control with our 46.56 Oz Crystal Cat Litter!

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The 46.56 Oz Crystal Cat Litter - Odor Control is a highly effective solution for cat owners looking to minimize unwanted odors. Its powerful formula traps and absorbs urine and feces smells, providing a fresh and clean environment for both cats and their owners.

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  • Strong Water Absorption - Our Crystal Cat Litter main material is silica gel, clear and good water absorption. It can quickly absorb a large amount of cat urine and convert it into a solid, keeping the surface of the cat litter dry
  • Odor Control - The silica gel in the Crystal Cat Litter can effectively absorb and control the odor of cat urine and feces, keeping the cat litter box fresh
  • Easy to Clean - Our Cat Litter Crystals can quickly absorb a large amount of cat urine without leaving a lumpy substance, which reduces the frequency and workload of cleaning the litter and greatly reduces the cat owner's cleaning pressure
  • Durable and Long Life - Crystal Cat Litter has a relatively long service life and can generally be used for 3-4 weeks or more, which reduces the frequency of litter replacement and saves time and energy
  • No-dust - Crystal Cat Litter does not produce stone dust, which is good for the respiratory health of pets and humans

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